Big EZ

$ 9,999

Seats: 5 - 6 Person
Dimension: 208 X 208 X 81 CM
Capacity: 950 Litres
Total Jets: 23 Adjusable Flow Stainless Steel Jets
Insulation: Green Guard
Water Purification: Ozone
Cover: Super Seal

Spa Color / Panel Type:

  • Dream Makers Spas Stonehenge Collection Colours Big EZ
  • Dream Makers Spas Stonehenge Collection Colours Big EZ
  • Dream Makers Spas Stonehenge Collection Colours Big EZ
  • Dream Makers Spas Stonehenge Collection Colours Big EZ
  • Dream Makers Spas Stonehenge Collection Colours Big EZ
  • Dream Makers Spas Stonehenge Collection Colours Big EZ

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The Big EZ Spa from Dream Maker Spas is a large luxurious way to entertain family and friends

This 250-gallon model is 82″ x 82″ x 32″ and is lightweight enough for you to install yourself. You just fill it with a garden hose, plug it into a standard outdoor 110-volt electrical outlet, and it is ready to be used! Have peace of mind knowing that your Big EZ is virtually indestructible and that each model is water tested before leaving our factory in Lake Mary, Florida.

For more information on the Big EZ Spa, we at Dream Maker Spas will be happy to answer any of your questions and give more details about this exciting purchase that will benefit you in so many ways. A spa has an amazing number of health benefits attributed to hydrotherapy brought about by a combination of heat, water jet massage and water buoyancy.

Endorphins are released, allowing one’s body to relieve stress and minimize pain. Hydrotherapy through a regular spa experience positively affects additional serious diseases such as bursitis, fibromyalgia, tendonitis, carpal tunnel syndrome and even depression and high blood pressure. Now you can experience the healing power of that water in your own home.


Big EZ Spa Description

Sit back and relax in the Big EZ, Dream Maker Spa’s 5-6 person hot tub featuring patented comfort back water stream contours.

Comfort is key in the newly enhanced BIG EZ with dual port spinner jets plus stationary eyeball stainless steel massage jets that give you a truly unique pressure controlled massage.

Our patented MoonGlo Waterfall with backlit LED light creates the perfect ambiance as you soak. With unibody construction that is virtually indestructible, this energy efficient model comes with a free super seal cover and features proprietary digital controls, our Dream Clean filtration system and cartridge, a two-speed pump and an EZ Access drain valve.

Because there is no wood frame like in many acrylic spas, you’ll never have to worry about leaks or water damage rotting or warping your hot tub. You gain all the benefits of a luxury spa at a fraction of the price.

Enjoy the lustrous interior of the Big EZ available in three colors: CobbleStone, GrayStone or BrownStone.

The easy to install, lightweight, plug and play design makes the Big EZ perfect for families and entertaining.

Dream Makers Crossove Collection 730L

Key Features

  • 5-6-person
  • 82" x 82" x 32" / 208 x 208 x 81 cm
  • 250 Gallons / 950 Litres Capacity
  • 23 Adjustable Flow Stainless Steel Jets
  • 315 lbs. / 142 kg Dry Weight
  • 120V 15amp / 240V 30amp / 50amp
  • 1kw / 4kw & Heat Stick
  • Proprietary Digital Controls
  • 2.0 HPR Pump
  • LED Multicolor MoonGlo Waterfall
  • Dream Clean Filtration System
  • Green Guard Insulation
  • Super Seal Cover
  • EZ Access Water Drain Valve