Crossover 730L

$ 10,999

Seats: 5 - 6 Person
Dimension: 203 X 203 X 92 CM
Capacity: 1079 Litres
Total Jets: 30 Adjustable Flow Stainless Steel Jets
Insulation: Green Guard
Water Sanitising: Ozone
Cover: Super Seal


Spa Color / Panel Type:

  • Dream Makers Spas Crossover Collection Colours
  • Dream Makers Spas Crossover Collection Colours
  • Dream Makers Spas Crossover Collection Colours
  • Dream Makers Spas Crossover Collection Colours
  • Dream Makers Spas Crossover Collection Colours
  • Dream Makers Spas Crossover Collection Colours

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The Next Generation of Affordable Luxury Spas

Dream Maker Spas unveils the revolutionary Crossover Collection, the next generation of affordable luxury hot tubs designed to rival the look and functionality of acrylic spas at a fraction of the price.

As an industry leader of environmentally friendly roto-molded hot tubs, Dream Maker Spas has advanced its manufacturing process once again using innovative HDPE materials to create a spa shell that is durable and light weight with a unique glossy Pearlglaze finish.


730L Crossover Spa Description

The Crossover Collection 730L spa is 36” deep and comfortably fits up to 6 people. Enjoy the hot tub’s smooth contours, full size lounger, 30 stainless steel adjustable jets and MoonGlo LED waterfall. The strategically placed, color coordinated stainless steel adjustable jets massage back muscles, shoulders and feet for a customizable hydrotherapy experience.

The tough yet elegant spa shell comes in six color combinations with 8 exterior lights and decorative easy access panels. The unibody shell is rotationally molded using a recyclable HDPE material, and because it does not require a full interior wooden frame like many acrylic spas, you have less worry about rotting or warping caused by water exposure.

The 730L runs on a 3HPR 2-Speed pump. Our patented Digital Control Systems make operating your spa easy. Select your preferred temperature, water action and LED lighting for the waterfall and MoonGlo filter housing with the touch of your fingertips.

All Crossover Collection Spas come with our Super Seal Cover. The specially molded top contour of the 730L is designed to create a tight seal for the hot tub cover, helping lock in heat and save energy, keep out debris and provide peace of mind knowing your spa is sealed and protected.

Dream Maker Spas’ Easy Kleen / Convex2 Filtration provides 100% water filtration in a system that does not have a pesky footwell suction. Changing or cleaning the filter is simple, just lift the transparent MoonGlo Grill lid to access your filter.

Settle into the deep contours and soothing water of the 730L hot tub and enjoy all of the comforts that this Crossover Collection Spa has to offer.

Dream Makers Crossove Collection 730L

Key Features

  • 5-6-person
  • 80" x 80" x 36 / 203 x 203 x 92 cm
  • 285 Gallons / 1079 Litres Capacity
  • 30 Adjustable Flow Stainless Steel Jets
  • 436 lbs. / 198 kg Dry Weight
  • Convertible 120V 15amp or 230V 30amp or 50amp
  • 1kw / 4kw
  • Proprietary Digital Controls
  • 3 HPR 2 Speed
  • MoonGlo Waterfall with Back-lit LED Light
  • Easy Clean Convex 2
  • Green Guard Insulation
  • Deluxe Super Seal Cover
  • EZ Access Water Drain Valve
  • 8 Exterior LED Cabinet Lights
  • Optional Interior LED Lighting